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"We own our land, but we are conservators too."

That sums up how we feel about our homestead.  We are committed to practicing the permaculture rules that allowed land to be used and animals to be raised for centuries in a healthy and sustainable way.  

We are passionate about raising our animals in as healthy and stress free environment as possible.    By practicing rotational grazing, we protect our pastures and control weeds.  We keep our sheep in natural family groups, allowing them to keep and maintain the emotional bonds that ensure they are happy.  Our rabbits are housed primarily indoors but have access to outdoor grazing in the summer in safe enclosures that allow them to help weed the garden and yard on a moving basis and still be protected from their natural predators.

We feel, as stewards, we are responsible for not only maintaining our farm land but also must work to improve it.  Practicing good permaculture methods to encourage the natural growth and cycle of our fields and pastures as well as using aquaculture to make sure our lake stays vibrant and healthy to ensure wildlife habitat is our number one priority.

 Bonny McKay