About Seven Bells Fold


Welcome to Seven Bells Fold

We are a family owned small farm located in the rolling foothills south of Riding Mountain National Park.  Our small holding of 40 acres sits nestled between natural mixed field habitat and Aspen and Spruce woodlands, sprinkled with small pothole lakes and large wetland areas that are home to an abundance of wildlife.  Our farm even has it's own small lake that is home of waterfowl of all kinds and a large variety of amphibians including the secretive and fascinating Tiger Salamander.  

We raise purebred American Black Belly sheep and purebred New Zealand White rabbits.  We chose these hardy breeds to minimise the impact on the environment and to provide healthy, ethically produced animals for ourselves and our customers.  We feel fortunate to live here and to be able to follow our dream.  We are proud of our home and the work we have done and are continueing to do and enjoy sharing the beauty and peace with others so visitors are always welcome.