Our rabbits are fed a diet comprised of timothy hay, alfalfa, clover and a variety of mixed grasses and greens.

Feed Details:

They are also given a measured portion of organically raised grains every day as well as a full supply of fresh water. Our breeding does and kits get an unlimited supply of feed to provide the nutrition they need but our bucks and resting does are fed a carefully monitored ration of greens and grain as obesity can be very dangerous in rabbits. The only exception to this is timothy hay in the cold weather months. Our hay feeders are designed to allow the rabbits to eat their hay and use the rest to build “nests” if they choose. Both bucks and does will make cozy nests but not all choose to do so. The cold weather is much less of a threat to a rabbit than heat exposure is.
Bio security

We exercise a great deal of caution in the importing of outside rabbits to our farm. It is not possible to entirely eliminate the risk of our rabbits picking up any problems but we know that by limiting contact, we can limit the risk.


When it is time to harvest, our animals are handled with the utmost of care to make sure they are not frightened or under stress. All parts of the animal are used as we feel strongly that nothing should be wasted.