Quality Rabbits


Bio Security


Do we really know where our food is coming from these days?

In the 40's and 50's, it was very common to raise rabbits on small farms and in backyards.  They were simple to raise and provided healthy, tasty, economical meat.  Unfortunately, along with the changes in rural to urban migration, people stopped raising their own meat.  That disconnect allowed big companies to change agriculture to Agri-Business and now we have the very real problem of fearing what is in our food?  This has birthed a real shift in our eating habits, with people now searching out healthy, ethically raised animals as an alternative to the force fed, tasteless, additive filled meat in the stores.

We raise our rabbits carefully and slowly with an eye to not only providing a top quality meat animal but also making sure they have a good quality of life.


We exercise  a great deal of caution in the importing of outside rabbits to our farm.  It is not possible to entirely eliminate the risk of our rabbits picking up any problems but we know that by limiting contact, we can limit the risk.  


When it is time to harvest, our animals are handled with the utmost of care to make sure they are not frightened or under stress.   All parts of the animal are used as we feel strongly that nothing should be wasted. 

Healthy Sheep

We keep them in family groups, keep stress to a minimum and never give them hormones or growth enhancing drugs. In the summer, they graze rotationally through their various paddocks and in the winter, they are fed a mixture of timothy hay, alfalfa and a mixture of clover and native grasses.

Our sheep are also supplemented with vitamins and minerals and a daily treat of mixed grain (which is cause for a scrum worthy of a bunch of rugby players :) )